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 Mixed Feelings

by Elliott Simon

New York City Jazz Record

 Downbeat Magazine

Mixed Feelings

by J. Poet

Doing Jazz Podcast
hosted by Lorens Chuno
All About Jazz Italia

Abelita Mateus Presents: Vivenda

by Raul da Gama

The untranslatable saudades is at the heart of the ineffably beautiful and beckoning heart of this music by the pianist and vocalist Abelita Mateus. Miss Mateus is the epitome of Paulista-cool and this is especially reflected in the four contributions that she brings to this remarkable date. She is a new resident of New York City and one can fully grasp the extent of her longing for her beloved Brasil, which she carries in every breath she takes as she enunciates the words of the songs on Vivenda, accompanying herself on piano and the radiant Fender Rhodes keyboard from time to time.

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by Felix Contreras


by Mark Holston

Jazziz Magazine

Five Women VIII –  Abelita Mateus


Abelita Mateus is not content producing one more performance of "Garota de Ipanema." Like Antonio Adolfo and Carol Saboya, Mateus is part of the front-facing evolution of Brazilian music as it projects into the twenty-first century. While Vivenda does include selections by Antonio Carlos JobimGilberto Gil, and Djavan, it does not include the usual suspects like "Dindi" or "Corcovado." Instead, Mateus concentrates on lesser known fare by these composers in addition to four of her own original compositions. Mateus both sings and plays piano on this release.

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Vivenda–  Abelita Mateus


And here's the proof you can take the girl out of Brazil but you can't take Brazil out of the girl. Recording in New York with a bunch of Brazil aces so authentic you can even hear the raco raco in the background, this is smoking Brazilian jazz that doesn't need a hit single or English lyrics to power it

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